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Presa canario on the watch

May 24th, 2012 by admin in Videos

Buddies presa being told to watch.

6 Responses to “Presa canario on the watch”

  1. phillipsqazxsw Says:

    Just because you read on the Internet that presas are 125-130lbs doesn’t make it true.My dog has 9 world champions for best of breed in 5 generations of his pedigree.
    If you had ever actually seen a presa you would know that 125lbs is TINY for a male.
    I know what a borboel is and they usually weigh 156lbs max,so i don’t think its a borboel.You sure it’s not a cat?

  2. MaryjaneKush Says:

    @TheIconslayer this is my buddies dog and it is definatly a presa.

  3. TheIconslayer Says:

    I don’t think this is a Presa, they usally weigh 125-130lbs max! Looks alot like my dog he’s a South African Borboel and weighs 157lbs, you should look them up!

  4. phillipsqazxsw Says:

    @kieranator123 I am owner of the dog.He is 19 months in this vid,27.5 inches tall and weighs 70-75kgs.Mostly Irema curto and Barnacan bull lines.He is feed a mix of RAW chicken,a good dry food and dinner scraps.
    Do you have a Presa?

  5. MaryjaneKush Says:

    @kieranator123 his my buddies dog he is 2 nd a bit. He got weighed 3 months ago and was in and around 75 to 80 kg. I couldnt tell u wat he eats but knowing the owner the best. Cheers for the comnent.

  6. kieranator123 Says:

    nice dog what food he on? age n weight thanx