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Presa Canario Playing with Two Pitbulls

June 14th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Conan is an 8 month old Presa Canario that weighs 105 lbs. For more information email

25 Responses to “Presa Canario Playing with Two Pitbulls”

  1. missrubear Says:

    …play like that too but we have to keep a close eye cause it could turn rough in seconds. Although the

  2. missrubear Says:

    Aww he’s like a (cute) annoying little brother how he follows the pit once he turns. I have two pits and they

  3. MrCashoutDaAzz513 Says:

    @combatesdeboxeo True but they are related

  4. twangfk Says:


  5. NosoCOMINSOON Says:

    @twangfk Jeez take a soma or xanax and change your tampon.

  6. countthunder Says:

    @bigjaw1973 Wow! What a beast! That makes my shepard seem small now lol! Hes 105lbs @ 1year 4months. I hope he gets bigger because he is a great dog! Big baby lol.

  7. countthunder Says:

    Those dogs are great! I love how all of them have thier ears and tails! I have been looking into presa canarios before, but I was finding it hard to see what they look like “complete” (As I really cant stand cropping or docking). I must say, they look better that I imagined! Thanks for the great upload, and showing people that Pits and Presas are NOT these terrible viscious animals people think they are!

  8. preo2 Says:

    Love the video! These dogs get such a bad rep because of ignorant ass owners. Nice to see a responsible dog owner post good videos showing how playful these dogs really are! I own two pits myself. Wouldn’t mind getting a Presa one day.

  9. Mamboleo1995 Says:

    aww he looks like a big baby! how cute lol. what is the difference between a presa canario and a pitbull?i know the presas are bigger and bulkier but is that it? just curious i am just learning about presas, never heard of them before today

  10. bigjaw1973 Says:

    man i rmrember when my Presa Canario was that small now he comes up to my hips in height and tips the scale at 171lbs

  11. BluntActivist2008 Says:

    @bigdavespresa mustin14’s comment made so little sense that he is probably trolling you.

  12. kchristj Says:

    i love this presa!!!!

  13. AltarOfThoughts Says:

    presa’s a monster.

  14. illsuspect Says:

    Nice vid, really nice dog, I would mate him with my girl presa(she-ra) their the same color. Where do live? I’m in south Florida

  15. parkerman16 Says:

    that pit looked a little pissed lol

  16. archangelst3 Says:

    i just love it! presa canario looks awesome! hehehe on a side note i dont think the pitbull was playing… he looked annoyed at the presa hahaha

  17. 1sowild Says:

    It’s very nice to see a video showing the loving, good side of these dogs! Too many idiots want to make videos showing how”viscous ” they are, and it gives the breeds a bad rep!

  18. Slidewinder84 Says:


  19. mustin14 Says:

    Ya sorry ment to respond to another person.

  20. bigdavespresa Says:

    @mustin14 I don’t know really understand what you’re talking about. I have a Presa and a Pit Bull and love both breeds. I don’t favor one over the other, and don’t get where you think I’m comparing them. I just put the video up to show my dogs playing with the neighbor’s dog. If anything, this shows the non-agressive and playful side of the breeds.

  21. mustin14 Says:

    @bigdavespresa your the type of person i hate.. u give the notion one breed is better then the other… both the presa and pit are beautiful loyal dogs.. and if you want to compare the two your a idiot…. you give people who hate both the breeds ammo to ridicule the dogs.. i have a apbt american bully dogo argentino and presa and you sound stu[id with your dumb ass comment

  22. truez26 Says:

    just a question I thought presas are supposed to have the black mask

  23. gangbangersrgay Says:

    Hey I’m thinking of getting a Presa Canario, how much do they run? In Cali?

  24. SirLionelLeo Says:

    Beautiful dog, she looks like she’s having a lot of fun playing with the pits. Always nice to see a smiling puppy :)

  25. MichaelRyanKinney Says:

    1:55 the pit bull is just like… whatever dude