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Presa Canario Prison Break

July 8th, 2011 by admin in Videos

doggy wants to be free =)

25 Responses to “Presa Canario Prison Break”

  1. Denisef65 Says:

    mine can break down the front wall of his cage and eacape

  2. Denisef65 Says:

    @0kriz yes but that is a very rare color they usauly come in brindle and tan

  3. ReyGladiador Says:

    @0kriz yes it happens

  4. piorunek2299 Says:

    Brawa dla tego pomysłowego psiaka :)

  5. raneve23 Says:

    Nice dog any for sale?

  6. doggiebritches Says:

    what an escape artist!!

  7. 0kriz Says:

    is it posible to get there dogs in totaly black ?

  8. TheCaneCorso Says:

    thats wasnt shit my cane corso broke my fence that is alot stonger then that rusted gate

  9. MRGAZAH Says:

    haha thats a funny dog

  10. bdiddy540 Says:

    Weak fence stupid

  11. spethkasey Says:

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  12. lilaxey Says:

    i got two of these yesterday same colour, they are lovely dogs to have around. peace

  13. badabingrockford Says:

    if your fighting your dog your a guy with a little dick and will get caught soon fag

  14. UnIngerPierdut Says:

    he`s a wonderfull dog.and very powerfull 2.nothin can keep him locked up :))

  15. HammandClov Says:

    You must be on the drug called moron. By ugly, I meant GOOD UGLY as in their personality and behavior are mean and aggressive to strangers but that does not mean I don’t think they are not beautiful physically . I DO think they are beautiful, but they are like that a really mean guy with a soft heart. Get it?

  16. venom0784 Says:

    its not a pit bull the name of the dog is in the title

  17. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    well why dont you just bring your kangal bull shit over here so me and my pit can show your something shocking hehehehehe

  18. 12345675677 Says:

    that’s what you think. but i know different. and so does every one else who has actually owned a pitbull or any other large powerfull breed. if you had owned any of thee above breed’s and seen how quickly they can deal with so called fighting breed’s you would be very shocked by how ferocious the are .

  19. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    look just forget it you can think what you want I have video proof of full blooded pits beating kangals , rotties and cross breed pits

  20. 12345675677 Says:

    just because some are larger or smaller than the breed standard say’s doesn’t make them a cross breed .the breed standard is what is a good size to make judgeing them or match them to an opponent easier . that like saying 9 puppies out of a litter under 60lds or pure whilst the tenth one from that litter who is 70lbs is mixed? it doesn’t make any sense to me ? how about you?

  21. 12345675677 Says:

    if he wasn’t the real deal why did the breeder who sold his father claim he was a decendant of lloyd’s pilot if you know as much about pit’s as you think ?you tell me who lloyd’s pilot is ? and dont take all day about it. plus the parent’s were from A.D.B.A. registered breeder

  22. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    but was the parent’s of the pit full blooded and do they bloodline go far back as bull cross terrier I dont think so see that why I said them dog you guys own is some cross breed pits

  23. 12345675677 Says:

    your doing my head in your so thick pits do get that big and he was full blooded both his parent’s were american import’s. my husband’s uncle imported them and was trying to get the breed on the import list with the kennel club but the pitbull was band in britain so it all went to shit.our pit was the largest one he bred.both the parent’s were big pit’s the father around 60lbs

  24. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    pits dont get the size of labs dumb ass that cur isnt a full blooded pit I got videos of real pit taken down kangals , rotties and cur pitbulls

  25. 12345675677 Says:

    if it wasn’t a pitbull why did he have to register insure and neuter the dog buy law then ?which is the only way you can legally own a pit in the u.k dumb ass .he was very large about the same size as a labrador