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Presa canario pup, 70 lbs at 7 moths

June 5th, 2012 by admin in Videos

heres just a short video of my presa canario, and it also includes my other dog dakota, shes sharpe and aussie sheppard mix, but i got an htc evo and wanted to test the quality, to enjoy(:

7 Responses to “Presa canario pup, 70 lbs at 7 moths”

  1. kieranator123 Says:

    Just wandered how the dogs weight and height is now i have one 5 month and curious what lines is she/he from. Post a recent vid be good too see (y)

  2. 4ZxGaMiiNGxZ4 Says:

    Wow she’s beautiful just got mine he’s a male, 8 weeks, he’s playful and he loves to cuddle as well, he’s fawn with a black mask, they really are great dogs

  3. TheCleansingIsHere Says:

    people stereotype dogs like this, which i hate! people who raise these kind of dogs to be aggresive in any way should NOT own one of these dogs. they could easily kill someone. and thats a perfect example of there personality, they click with you and will stay loyal till the day they die. she is now 100 lbs, got about 6 months till she is full grown. thanks and have a good day!

  4. andicatz Says:

    I used to be scared of dogs until I was introduced to one of my brother’s pets Presa Canario. She liked me straight away and followed me everywhere. She’s only 2 years old and growing fast! Your dog is a beauty!

  5. TheCleansingIsHere Says:

    thanks, shes such a loyal dog, we was worried about getting here with her being a really big aggresive stereotype, but the dogs behavior depends on the owners, luckily, were very experienced with raising dogs, weve had 4 dobermans and 1 rotweiler in the past, i would recommend a presa to anyone.

  6. grayboyjng Says:

    Nice looking presa.

  7. dkrider10 Says:

    what a beautiful dog (: