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Presa Canario Pup Playing with A/b and pug

April 6th, 2012 by admin in Videos

This is razor playing with his friends Lola, and mega

6 Responses to “Presa Canario Pup Playing with A/b and pug”


    You still haven’t breed those two?!

  2. magentamen Says:

    Nice video! 

  3. hammer555551 Says:

    You’re an abuser of your son!! I bet you molest that kid every day. You’re known in the Toronto area as a child molester. People leave the parks when you go there with your kid and dog. You use the kid and dog as bait to get other kids to molest. You fucking faggot, I hope they catch you and put you in jail!!

  4. RazorRedPresa Says:

    Don’t you have a life other than mouthing off about dogs that scare you and give you more nightmares than your molesting father and creepy abusive uncle combined?

  5. hammer555551 Says:

    Don’t you have a life other than this shitty dog?? A 4 year old kid just got killed by a dog like yours
    in NY city ( Brooklyn/Brownsville ) . They should out law these fucking dogs, because ass-holes like you will never give them up. Maybe your 7 year old scum-child will be next!!!!.

  6. RazorRedPresa Says:

    Lol at 0:41 notice Steve jump out of the way quickly? He got smoked earlier, Mega ran him right over, he did a nice face plant and cried for a few minutes.