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Presa Canario Puppy

June 3rd, 2010 by admin in Videos

Playing to help acclimate young puppies to the various noises that they may be exposed to is a great thing to do……… Beach artist: Musicshake length: 1:46 genre: Instrumenta

25 Responses to “Presa Canario Puppy”

  1. bravo161224 Says:

    @purdue150 why do people crop their dog’s ears?

  2. smartieie Says:

    the way he looks at you is just too cute!

  3. bizrix Says:

    Go die in a fire u absolute Twat. shouldn’t be allowed to have their ears done. maybe we should do the same to u!!!!

  4. purdue150 Says:

    I’ve got 3 dogs with cropped ears, 2 Boxers and a Presa. It never bothered them one bit. They still rolled around on the floor and wanted to play as much as ever. They never showed ANY signs of discomfort. If you don’t want to crop your dogs ears or dock their tails that’s fine, but don’t act like the ones that choose to are mistreating their dogs. It’s none of your business what I do with my dog.

  5. ikutsu2001 Says:

    @zigzag4200000 if you knew anything about cropping and docking youd know that its mutilation and an unneccessary cosmetic procedure, my aunt is a vet and im going to school to be a vet tech, so go get your milk dud blown out you fuck

  6. zigzag4200000 Says:

    @ikutsu2001 shut up u dumb bitch nothing wrong with cropping a dogs ears if u ever seen it you would know it doesnt bother the dog one bit or hurt it so shut ur pie hole

  7. ikutsu2001 Says:

    thats sick, you cropped the poor things ears :(

  8. mYcHeMiCaLCaThY Says:

    when they are adults, they have to stay on a muzzle when takin out. I read they arent good with other dogs.

  9. shannontt2009 Says:

    whats up with its ears?

  10. polidefkisl Says:

    THE perfect coulor. i want it

  11. Boutit5150 Says:

    what an amazing looking puppy…I have been seriously considering getting a presa…I have had pit bulls and german sheperds in the past so I know how to deal with dominant breeds but I was wondering if you recommend getting one and what is the best way to ensure you buy a stable one?

  12. pablobrenda76 Says:

    Fina De IC??I don’t think so.anyway thanks for the info.

  13. iva90 Says:

    I am sorry Faina

  14. iva90 Says:

    I don’t remember what was the pedigree, but he was from the breeder in USA and had line of dogs directly from Canary Island. His mom is Fina .

  15. pablobrenda76 Says:

    yes,sorry i didn’t write the whole word ;)

  16. iva90 Says:

    you meant pedigree?

  17. pablobrenda76 Says:

    iva do you know the ped of this pup??

  18. 23Tevin Says:

    That Presa is beautiful….thts what id like mine to look like..

  19. SPIDERx144 Says:

    how old is this presa?

  20. benji219 Says:

    Why would you clip his ears if he’s not gonna be a working dog, Ie hearding cattle….. Do you even know why the ears were clipped….. It was never for the look and only dick heads do it for the look..

    so well done dickhead, would be beautiful if he had ears

  21. twojaBabka1002 Says:

    really the color is very pretty, and the way he plays is so funny :) reaaly good dog you have there! Take good care of him!

  22. 22692678 Says:

    presa it lot better than cane corso

  23. CreditValleyWolvess Says:

    wow you must be slightly stupid, a cane corso is a mastiff. Same with a presa you idiot. And a presa cant compare with the corso you say it kicks ass a corso is 40 pounds heavier and stronger thn your presa

  24. bhabjeet Says:

    and argentine dogos too there basically the same

  25. ChandraParker Says:

    Presa’s Kick all other dogs asses!!!

    Sorry Corsos dont get near the attention a Presa gets walking into a room, they just look like a mastiff

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