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Presa Canario ready for battle

August 13th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Chico and Tyson both are power breeds and wont give up. Chico is a 10 month old Presa Canario and Tyson is a 14 month old Buffalo Pitbull.

7 Responses to “Presa Canario ready for battle”

  1. 666manderz Says:

    @MrM4lik Thanks! Hes my big ol baby! lol def not scary though…he would lick you or drool on you before he bit you =D hes a mama’s boy! lol

  2. MrM4lik Says:

    @666manderz Thanx. I just had a look at your video of your Chico. Nice dog.

  3. 666manderz Says:

    Hah thats cool…i have an english mastiff named Chico. =D beautiful dogs…i LOVE big dogs…

  4. TheCaneCorso Says:

    presa isnt a fighting dog only pit bulls are I have seen presa lose to many dog fight with kangals nice looking presa but dont let that pit go or your have one dead presa on you head

  5. MrM4lik Says:

    @magicalcrazyness I havent tried it incase they fight. Thanx for the compliment by the way.

  6. magicalcrazyness Says:

    Beautiful dogs, they just seem excited, definatley not aggressive. Have you ever had them meet each other off leash before?

  7. MrM4lik Says:

    Thanx realkingkado. I guess you know all about presas and handling them. Dont judge a book by its cover.

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