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June 17th, 2011 by admin in Videos


  1. sedod66 Says:

    will a male presa reach the same size as an adult male boerboel or dogue de bordeaux?

  2. PUEBLO707 Says:

    whats the difference between presa and cane corso

  3. Taud Says:

    The trooper! excellent choice for the presa!

  4. scorpio1ification Says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL beasts!! However, with the idiots we have in the “States”, I am so glad they are outlawed!!!!

  5. LeGeNdArYMTL Says:

    PRESA CANARIO = Cane Corso…Im i Wrong??

  6. vasilakiskailas Says:

    @crazy88wp plus, the music is best! Low Quality though…

  7. XarliH8 Says:

    very nice dog, look the spanish alano, is another spanish dog

  8. SuperBadsinner Says:

    I agree. The GSD is unmatched, but still there are other qualities that Presas have got….

  9. AthosAmo Says:

    I prefer Arcanine.

  10. LEON951 Says:

    Holly shit! I would hate to have that guys job at 3:46

  11. SpiderShane1 Says:

    @legalglitz That was in San Francisco years ago. Horrible press for these dogs & pit bulls as well, because the media said that presas were just “pit bulls on steroids”. Keep in mind though that the owner of the dogs was a complete moron, and this is really a very nice breed. Anything in the hands of an idiot can be dangerous, presa orotherwise.

  12. legalglitz Says:

    I’m currently reading a legal case about one of these killing an innocent woman. Just wanted to see a picture of one.

  13. paredesadolfo Says:

    my is 7 months old and 90 pounds!!!!

  14. brownmachine6969 Says:

    @Zaud27 i’ve heard many stories about the boerboel, but so far i’m not convinced, there hasen’t been any proof posted on their dreamy history…just not good enough, its like the blind man said , seeing is beleiving…
    if you got it , post it…

  15. Zaud27 Says:

    The Boerboel was used to defend farms from lions in south Africa

  16. sammytatarevic Says:

    i want this black on 0:47 !!!!1

  17. skaterofcb Says:

    my presa is 6 months old and 60 pounds

  18. Heather2010ish Says:

    @m1shadow Staffys are just the same.
    Rottweiler’s, my dad has 2, yeah FAB guard dogs.
    But these days, you ain’t aloud to have guard dogs ;) As is German Shepherd, only if aggressive you ain’t aloud them.
    I’d have a labrador, staffy or rott :)

  19. yabodmon Says:

    @MrScottydabody no 1 yr old punk ..

  20. AceofDlamonds Says:

    these dogs have been known to be fearless…..
    they are trained to fight off cattle with their strength and power…

    can take on any other animal it’s size….perhaps a wolverine.

  21. senecaSMOKER Says:

    beefy lookin dogs. i have a full presa but he’s only a year old, nowhere near the beef status of these dogs. he’s bout 100 pounds and lookin good

  22. MrScottydabody Says:

    @yabodmon a little puppy pitbull she chased!

  23. m1shadow Says:

    @yabodmon i hear you there, i have always felt safe with a German shepherd by my side also!

  24. yabodmon Says:

    @whoafly1 i have a german sheperd dude .. shes not the strongest dog but dont fuck with her.. i shit u not i was walking one day and this pitbull came up to her jumping and biting her do u kno that she chased the pitbull away back to its house! i will never forget that .. dont underestimate the german sheperd man.. there the most layal dogs to have at your side when shit go’s down. ive had enough experiences. take care

  25. FEARfromGOD Says:

    @YUNAN87 and what about bully kutta. are they good fighter?