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Presa Canario Training in the yard

July 5th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Training examples and demonstrations of presa canarios as personal guard dogs.

13 Responses to “Presa Canario Training in the yard”

  1. Tideshadow Says:

    @jwizzlef I never said anything about a “bad dog” I said Canario’s AREN’T BANdogs

  2. jwizzlef Says:

    @Tideshadow no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners all dogs can be a wonderful friend k9 partner or the family dog just takes persistence, dedication and hard work

  3. brownmachine6969 Says:

    which ones are presas?

  4. steelfan77 Says:

    Great video….dog is very disciplined

  5. jag3rr Says:

    it would be even more awesome without the e-collar

  6. PorscheORviper Says:

    its an american bulldog u idiots

  7. gjetodoraci Says:

    that dog looks like a mix bet. canario x dogoargentino but im not sure.

  8. ImalHasan Says:

    wow @0:20

  9. Tideshadow Says:


    Canarios aren’t bandogs

  10. satibablaze Says:

    awesome dogs.

  11. gjetodoraci Says:

    nice bandog

  12. rangedeviletank Says:

    im want one of these when im 18 or 21 so 3years haha hope ur still running i want a neno pup fawn :)

  13. Shootist81 Says:

    These dogs are cool! Keep up the good work!