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presa Canario uk max man

May 30th, 2010 by admin in Videos

presa Canario max man this video is my dog from 10 weeks till 5 months

4 Responses to “presa Canario uk max man”

  1. lobey2k8 Says:

    Where abouts in the uk did you get him from mate, ive been after one for a while..

  2. topboy8384 Says:

    cheer ,,, killer master is a bit strong tho son jaja wot gives u the idea he not a pure breed dog ???

  3. placidotrato Says:

    Nice dog, looks good, maybe not as the pure presa canariomof the canary island,a killer master jaja, but look really good, try to teach him good what you want and make him happu, as simple as that.

  4. topboy8384 Says:

    let me no wot u think cheers

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