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Presa Canario vs Fila Brasileiro dog fight

June 16th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Short but sweet. Notice the agility of the Fila

13 Responses to “Presa Canario vs Fila Brasileiro dog fight”

  1. phoenixdragn Says:

    @typhoon1978 The fila turned 4 the end of march. The presa will be 4 Oct 17. Thanks again

  2. primolilla Says:

    Yeah, sad people assume things isn’t it?? I took 1 look at the video and knew the dogs were PLAYING. Understanding dogs is something most people do not know anything about. They have very different rules and ways of dealing with things than we do. But people seem to think animals fall into our way of doing things. I’ll bet you have a male and female there??? Very unlikely they’d fight, ever, unless it was over food. Nice video and really nice yard!

  3. typhoon1978 Says:

    @phoenixdragn Happy to help real dog friends :-) And people which owns a presa canario and a fila brasileiro must be really smart ! I really like both, how old are them ?

  4. phoenixdragn Says:

    @typhoon1978 THANK YOU!

  5. typhoon1978 Says:

    AHAHAHAH what are you saying man ? What video have you seen ? Do you ever own a dog in your life ??? Here I saw only two dogs playing… stop !!!

  6. phoenixdragn Says:

    @rurikvred Proved what point? That I don’t appreciate being called and idiot by some assuming fuckhead like you. This vid has 1700 views the only neg comment is you, that says alot. I am actually a gentle, kind, caring person, that would do almost anything for someone genuinely in need, but attack or provoke me and I’ll go for your throat. And I back everything I say. Now go away and bother someone else in the free world that has the right to do as I’ve done. Piss off meatball. LOL

  7. rurikvred Says:

    Glad to see you got the message and responded like the gentle person I expected you to be. LOL you just proved my point. I apologize for my own bad manners posting, tho.

  8. phoenixdragn Says:

    Ya, hey it also real obvious what aggressive killers they are, what gave it away, the aggressive tail wagging? To think I had to wake up to your idiocy. I had a toy poodle when I was a kid that was more aggressive, go figure. 60 seconds, estimate or experience? Again what I said in my first response. And take a real deep breath first. Thanks for comin out.

  9. phoenixdragn Says:


  10. phoenixdragn Says:

    Commands are a funny thing. For your info, “get her” is a command for them to play exactly like they were. “Alice” the blk Fila is a clown, and the Presa is my guardian, it’s been like that since they were pups. My dogs are not aggressive towards people or other animals so assume what you like. BLOW ME! You over opinionated Fuckhead!

  11. rurikvred Says:

    “git her”? “git her?”

    Encouraging your dogs to be aggressive? You sound like a freak, wait… you are a freak. You have two dogs that can kill a human in 60 seconds, and you’re riling them up. Just the kind of dog owner that doesn’t deserve to own dogs of this kind of power.

    What an IDIOT.

  12. fredbsb Says:

    Great dogs.. i Also have 2 filas.

  13. 66chevyo Says:

    Two beautiful dogs!!!

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