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Presa Canario vs Golden Retriever

June 8th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Presa Canario puppy vs Golden Retriever

8 Responses to “Presa Canario vs Golden Retriever”

  1. fingsh Says:

    wow 5 comments and 3 ratings out of almost 12000 veiws ur lame.

  2. blahblop123 Says:

    aaww…he just wants a hug, lol. gotta love the presa’s, amazing breed.

  3. chaddauphin Says:

    it don t look like a dogo

  4. gillpritchard Says:

    looks like a baby presa, poor goldie wants it to go away!!

  5. wangchaifatt Says:

    I think so. doesn’t really look like presa

  6. HammandClov Says:

    It may be just a pit or a mix one, but I recognize that face though.

  7. wangchaifatt Says:

    hi, the other one is supposedly a presa. does it not look like one?? I bought it as a presa… doesn’t matter…. let me know if you are keen to see more of his pics… :-)

  8. Wuldier Says:

    lol where is the presa??? coz there is no presa canario in this vid.

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