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Presa Canario vs Kangal: Presa Wins

August 2nd, 2010 by admin in Videos

Presa canarios always win. Better dog? Presa Canario is the better guard dog and Catch dog. Presas got twice the biting power of kangals.

25 Responses to “Presa Canario vs Kangal: Presa Wins”

  1. 66SiK Says:

    People argue about dogfighting as if there’s only one pit bull, one kangal, one presa canario, and one ovcharka in this world. Lol It’s about the individual dog, not the breed that matters. Some are top game and some just aren’t, that goes for any and every breed.

  2. jeff9ish Says:

    @CJTRIPSGURL4LIFE u are right dog fighting is wrong and immoral u say there is no such thing as a bad breed u are wright to a point fact is all these dogs that are mentioned if not obedience trained from the time they can walk they can pose a great danger to the public as well as other animals


    IF i misunderstood….you have my apology! If i am correct in assuming you support dog fighting then…I hope that you end up parrishing in eternal fire!


    If any of you support dog fighting then you are very very sick in the head!! There is no such thing as a bad breed but there is such thing as…ignorant people who train and or force dogs to have to fight in order not to be killed!!

  5. theOvcharkaman Says:

    @TheCaneCorso i have seen kangal and ovcharka kill pitbulls but i have never seen pitbulls kill kangal or ovcharka

  6. jeff9ish Says:

    @SuperKingpitbull the argentinain dojo eats pit bull

  7. NCWC916 Says:

    dude presas are man killers, theire size, viciousness and power stomps pitts all day. I bet 2 or 3 will take a lion!

  8. jeff9ish Says:

    @TheCaneCorso yes its true i gave u the wrong spelling punch in boerlboel vs pitbull utube i just watched it

  9. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @jeff9ish there is no such video like that on here or any where else you guys not to just stop it and give the pit his pros them dogs are un-stopable

  10. jeff9ish Says:

    @TheCaneCorso go on utube and punch in south african boeboel confronts pitbull its on utube i just watched today no shit

  11. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @jeff9ish your lying again you people just dont know when to quite listen there is no dog in the world that can terrify a pitbull terrier now show me this video

  12. jeff9ish Says:

    @TheCaneCorso i saw a south african boeboel go and terrify a pitbull this dog is 180lbs of power its on utube check it out

  13. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @jeff9ish well you might be right I dont know but I do know presa isnt the top dog fighter because the pitbull is and dogs like kangal isnt a fighting dog they just like presa but bigger both kangals and presa are farm sheep dogs protectors

  14. jeff9ish Says:

    @TheCaneCorso i think a wolf hybrid would eat a kangal the argentinaian dojo is 3 pitbulls in one

  15. jeff9ish Says:

    @TheCaneCorso isnt the argenetinian dojo the most kick ass dog on earth and 2nd wolf hybrid

  16. jeff9ish Says:

    @jimmynablee a grey wolf killed 2 american bulldogs here a couple of years ago

  17. jimmynablee Says:

    @jeff9ish looooooooooooooooooooooool the dingo ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah kid you are very funny

  18. jeff9ish Says:

    the dingo from austrailia would kill all of those dogs then eat them

  19. jeff9ish Says:

    im sure the kangal has a stronger bite but the presa is more agile it would boil down to who got who first i hate dog fighting its so wrong

  20. jimmynablee Says:


  21. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @jimmynablee presa are good fighter because them fight small dogs now after I done saw the truth about what a presa can do with a kangal its wasnt even call for when that kangal out fight that presa and all this big talk about presa can beat a pitbull man thats a fucking joke when I saw alot of pitbulls beat kangals so lets just put this bull shit dog fight a side and tell these people the true the pitbull is the top fight dog of all time point blank

  22. jimmynablee Says:

    @TheCaneCorso kangl and pitbull suck the cock of 1 big presa canario

  23. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @jimmynablee presa dont have game in there blood like pits and Ive seen presa lose againist kangal while pitbulls won againist kangals so yes pits are still and always will be the #1 fiighting breed

  24. TheCaneCorso Says:

    presa lost againist kangal

  25. jimmynablee Says:

    1 big presa canario would kill 1 big pitbull ALWAYS.

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