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Presa Canario vs Presa Canario Face Off!

December 8th, 2011 by admin in Videos

Two Presa Canarios, Chico(the son-badge colour) and Tyson(the father-brindle colour) facing off, just to see how they would react when bought face to face, they obviously did not seem to remember each other since Chico was taken away when he was a puppy (3 yrs ago). Btw they did not fight, completely safe.

25 Responses to “Presa Canario vs Presa Canario Face Off!”

  1. 182popeye Says:

    @noori0121 lmao killed in a fight, okay kwl and yh the gsd puppies were cute, nice dogs

  2. noori0121 Says:

    @182popeye yh really and btw wheres the gsd puppies know (in my back garden)

  3. 1sowild Says:

    @MissCedarbridge1 troll!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    @noori0121 <— dont act some dumb ass hole

  5. 182popeye Says:

    @noori0121 urm nope not really

  6. noori0121 Says:

    @182popeye yh that dog killed it in a fight

  7. 182popeye Says:

    @noori0121 how do you know sheba? don’t know where she’s gone now, but was a good dog though.

  8. noori0121 Says:

    @182popeye wat about sheba the black dog

  9. 182popeye Says:

    @noori0121 dude that tosa x pit doesn’t look like it could put up much of a fight against either of these presa canarios, these presas are actually quite big, might not look big due to the crappy video quality but check out my other videos and you’ll know what im on about. nice dog btw and i love bully kuttas lol

  10. noori0121 Says:

    no match for this dog


  11. 182popeye Says:

    @TROJANMICHAEL what? I think I know very well how to handle my dogs. And well durh thats abit obvious isn’t it.? and who said anything about weapons? i assume you haven’t read the description. Thanks for your concern but once again I assure you no dogs were harmed, just a little fun experiement.


    fucking idiots !!! it dosent matter if its father and son … a food and territory enemy is a enemy. Big Dogs as weapons for man with small brains and no plan. thats why there are so many accidants with dogs like this. Bether give the dog away before somebody gets hurt!

  13. 182popeye Says:

  14. 182popeye Says:

    @TheCaneCorso thanks

  15. 182popeye Says:

    @TheCaneCorso owner of a boerboel?

  16. 182popeye Says:

    @TheCaneCorso hmmm talking about large wild animals and not backing down that depeds on how the dog was bought up, its instincts etc and the presa was made for guarding livestock from large animals e.g. wolves, cougars, i know my Presa and his father very well and i know they would definately not back down no matter how large the oponent however there probably are many that would but you can get that will all breeds in my opinion.

  17. TheCaneCorso Says:

    nice video

  18. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @182popeye that funny because you a owner of a Boerboel LOL

  19. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @182popeye yeah Presa are also some nice guard dogs to have no dout but I need a dog that wont back down from a wild large dog or lion and presa dogs just wont do

  20. 182popeye Says:

    @TheCaneCorso hmm interesting, ill stick with presa lol

  21. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @182popeye its depend on how full blooded or real the breed is and my money is on the cane corso

  22. 182popeye Says:

    @iHAVEaAPBT we actually got him from my cousins who have tyson(brindle male-father), hmm im not really sure where you can get one but try searching online? thanks

  23. 182popeye Says:

    @TheCaneCorso urm it depends on the dog really, if it has experience or how strong it is and how much it can endure, im not really sure about cane corsos(they look beautiful) but ill go for presa canario

  24. iHAVEaAPBT Says:

    hey where di du get ur boy from? i want to get a presa but idk where to go… n Chico is a beautiful dog btw

  25. TheCaneCorso Says:

    @182popeye Presa Canario vs Cane Corso who would win I have seen this already I just want to know if you guys know