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presa canario x american bulldog cross

August 13th, 2012 by admin in Videos

a compilation of different clips of my presa canario/american bulldog cross puppy theo, from ages 3-6 months old. he is 4 & half stone. with a needless random middle & ending……it had to be done !!

16 Responses to “presa canario x american bulldog cross”

  1. omzakaleo09 Says:

    What is going on! lool

  2. pkinlesta Says:

    love him,wicked dog…check mine out on my page if u get time =)

  3. TeaserD Says:

    no bother mate, bit of a mix up, there’s a few wankers on ere who think they know best and write hate comments, they dont know fuck all

  4. DeadGamePits4Life Says:

    Ahh?? You Tube sucks.. that comment wasn’t for you, it was some dumb fuck who was making a hate comment on your dog…. NO offense to you man, I love pits.

  5. n9dsy Says:

    half way through the video they all get naked and have a gang bang, THATS HOW THE DOG DIED

  6. TeaserD Says:

    me too, i hate him and abuse him and torture him everyday, u wanna have him, he’s not wanted ??

  7. TeaserD Says:


  8. DeadGamePits4Life Says:

    Fucking bitch. Hope your dog tears you face off.

  9. adam5013 Says:

    you guys are fags hope your dog dies

  10. TeaserD Says:

    he asnt died really ya soft fucks!! he’s as fit as a butchers dog and has the best life a dog cud wish for !!!! yours all probably get locked outside all day on a big chain

  11. mgbrawl Says:

    hey really sorry to hear about your dog. but I was thinking of getting the same cross and wondering if you can tell me why he died? u can send as a msg if you dont want to post, thanks

  12. mgbrawl Says:

    hope you die early you evil peice of shit

  13. aoodibumpaclat Says:

    gutted ha ha

  14. TeaserD Says:

    he died 2 weeks ago !!

  15. aoodibumpaclat Says:

    why feed it chips ya thick cunt hope he dies early

  16. TeaserD Says:

    what about the 2 guys in the middle though?