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Presa Canarios 5 months (version 2)

October 30th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Same as our other video

5 Responses to “Presa Canarios 5 months (version 2)”

  1. yabodmon Says:

    where did u get them little bitch ?

  2. Redbull357 Says:

    Awesome dogs, just be careful how you train them, they have the potential to be real killers if you dont perfect the obedience and socialization first. Other than that, I wish I had those… Where did you get them? I’m looking for one now.

  3. maggicman11 Says:

    billderbes stop being a fuckin pussy. I can tell ur either a bitch or a fag

  4. diesel0055 Says:

    wtf? wat the hell is ur prob? first of all i’m hispanic not a fukin nigger u fukin piece of shit. secong i luv dogs, alrite? these dogs r my life and i wud kill som1 if they hurt them. we weren’t bangin shit, ok? and they were tied up so that they wudn’t hurt the dog trainer.

  5. billderbes Says:

    let me tie u up and bang loud shit in front of your face you fuckin nigger…u do not deserve those dogs…punk!