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presa canario(sanders KRON)

June 23rd, 2012 by admin in Videos

Recorded on June 10, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder. my newest presa at 8 months of age.

6 Responses to “presa canario(sanders KRON)”

  1. nagacanario Says:

    thank you! he topped out at about 112 lbs but i guess thats what they are supposed to weigh. he’s 2 and a half now. very energetic but very stable. he’s the most confident dog i’ve ever seen. thanks for watching!

  2. ABadHorsie Says:

    He’s a beast! What a great dog!!!

  3. nagacanario Says:

    yes. if you can own a rottweiler then a presa should be the same. they are similar in size and temperment. presas are very loyal to family just as rotties are. fedor is the only presa i have to be careful around friends with but he’s a stable dog. he just has major guardian instinct. kron and urco are very confident and they love everybody but they are still great guard dogs. thanks for the compliments. if you get one you’ll be satisfied. be sure to post a video if you do.

  4. FishaMastaMirah Says:

    Your Kron it’s too nice ! I actually have a 14 months female Rottie she’s 90 lbs, but when my mother will accept i want to buy a Presa cuz’ is really a super breed. In Switzerland i never see one, only on youtube and other sites, but you maybe see a Rottweiler, and you think these are two breed with the same ” temperament ” and personality ? Sorry for my bad english, but congratulation for your Kron ;)
    G. from Switzerland

  5. nagacanario Says:

    thanks! i got him from noah sanders. his parents are dino and nala. his grandpa is ivan de can muc. he’s my third one and by far the best that i’ve owned. thank you for posting your comment. i wasn’t even aware that this video was on here. i tried to upload it and got pissed off! i suck at computer stuff. the flip camera is a pain in the ass. anyway kron is now 10 and a half months old and about 110 lbs. he’s very cocky!

  6. tunit3000 Says:

    wow, he’s thick! beautiful Presa