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Presa on the guard

September 17th, 2010 by admin in Videos Kingo

25 Responses to “Presa on the guard”

  1. 182popeye Says:

    presas are the ultimate guard dog. the fucking best

  2. wanderlei1155 Says:

    Naprawdę piękny pies o masywnej i atletycznej budowie.
    Potężny i zgrabny zarazem, pełen siły i gracji.

    Jeśli miałbym go porównać do fighterów MMA to byłby to Fedor Emelianenko ;-)

  3. redrum6789 Says:


  4. macielo Says:

    fantastic dog, bulky and atletic at the same time.

  5. mhrreplicacarbon Says:

    @superdupersonic Blue is a recessive colour, because it is made by a recessive gene which causes black to dilute to blue. Recessive genes generally cause problems, and so it does with the blue colour. It has a higher risk for fungalrelated skinconditions.

  6. superdupersonic Says:

    @mhrreplicacarbon Err… blue isn’t a recessive color. It’s a black coat with double dilutes making it blue. Like black brindle, diluted to blue brindle, fawn w/ black mask diluted to fawn w/ blue mask.. etc.

  7. 182popeye Says:

    beautiful dog.

  8. LaZeRpReCiSiOnAiM Says:

    That is one of the best looking presas i’ve seen, very nice looking dog. Where could i get a puppy like him i want 2…?

  9. zeepak Says:


  10. ReyGladiador Says:

    Hello and thank you. He is not so big, I think it’s just ipression. Than on this film he as arround 57kg, now is arround 63kg with 64cm of high. I feed my dogs with raw meet, all kinds - depands what I get from buchery. Gppd luck with new pupp!

  11. llAkuTsUll Says:

    I Have Got to Congratulate You, you´ve raised a very beautiful dog, I have Never Seen a Presa Canario with that size!!! ¿How did you do it? ¿can you give some advice, related to its cares? I´m about to buy one, in a few weeks.

    5/5 stars

  12. chumbulezco Says:

    If that dog got out those guys are in deep shit.

  13. elbori1414 Says:

    @ReyGladiador damn dats so far do u breed em? and how much is all 2gether with shippin

  14. ReyGladiador Says:

    Hi! I’m from Poland :)

  15. elbori1414 Says:

    @ReyGladiador were u frm im frm Massachusetts US im a pit bull owner but i love these dey r great guard dogs im lookin 2 get 1 male

  16. ReyGladiador Says:

    thank you :)

  17. elbori1414 Says:

    dats 1 of da best presas ive seen

  18. xxlonzinaterxx Says:

    omg amazing dog , but i wud probably be scared if i had 1 lol :P

  19. blessedpresa1 Says:

    dats 1 big fucker loool, nice!!!

  20. twangfk Says:

    GDK complete asshole you dont even have a dogos better yet a presa. look at my video i uploaded

  21. mhrreplicacarbon Says:

    Yeah, I saw the same thing happening with a lady’s blue Amstaff in my area. The best thing to do in such a case I believe is get antibiotics for the dog, wash it regulary with antiseptic shampoo and give it food with no weeds in it such as EVO. Another trick I use on my dogs is soking nettle in boiled water and let the dog food soke in this nettleabsorbed water. This helps the dog’s body to absorb iron better, which helps alot with skin problems. Also a calciumtablet each day works wonders.

  22. piru22 Says:

    “Blue is a recessive color vulnerable to skin disease and fungal infection.”
    extremely true. i know a friend whos brother inlaw has a blue nose pit and his coat is blue and he has bad skin problems. its gotten so bad one time that he actually started to bleed from his dry dry skin and his fur was coming off on some places

  23. sedod66 Says:

    the guys a total asshole, he breeds half pitbull half presa’s and calls them blue presa’s, and he’s always on videos bragging about dogfighting. complete scum.

  24. 12345675677 Says:

    that’s right you tell him boy! pmsl

  25. TheGameBreedPit Says:

    presa canario’s dosnt come in blue LOL aww man you need to take that bull shit mutt back to the breeder because you just got cheated