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Presa X Cane Corso

August 21st, 2010 by admin in Videos

Cane Corsa X Presa Canario puppies for sale. Mother = Blue Cane Corso. Father = Black Presa Canario. Filmed at 4 weeks old. 4 Bitches, 5 Dogs. Mother can be viewed at any time, Father available with appointment. Puppies are growing well, active and healthy. Price = £400. Deposit secures puppy. Collection from the 7th of May 2010

7 Responses to “Presa X Cane Corso”

  1. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    @RKGKENNELS thats true and Im not haten on mix dogsI love them too its just that there is so many dogs in this world already and not enuff people who are interested in buying them dogs like cane corso x presa canario x neo mastiff just to name a few


    @MissCedarbridge1 do you know how different breeds were invented?…some people might want a unique dog, some people might like cane corso x presa canario x neo mastiff? i’d like a pup like that and that’ll be a nice new breed etc etc

  3. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    @RKGKENNELS Im all about the full blooded breeding lines


    @MissCedarbridge1…what are you on about?

  5. MissCedarbridge1 Says:

    stop in breeding please stop this

  6. zoemsvids Says:

    All gone. Sorry.

  7. MRGAZAH Says:

    any pups left?

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