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September 29th, 2010 by admin in Videos


11 Responses to “PRINCE & RAMBO”

  1. Princemanagement Says:

    im getting a cane corso soon .. gonna import one in :)

  2. jaskaka29 Says:

    is he of working blood lines ans no

  3. sylhetyhuni Says:

    sylhety prince? iz dat u???? tumi kutar loge kita korai???? lolzzz! i sound lyk i jz got out frm da boat! hahahaha! newayz x

  4. Princemanagement Says:

    Cane Corso’s tend to be a little smaller, just a little more compact.
    I found Presa excellent to train … in fact he loves being trained lol. You just have to establish and maintain the Alpha pack and make sure that YOU are the alpha dog.

  5. djnutsax23 Says:

    who do you mean are smaller in size cane corsos or presa canarios…im lookin to get a presa was he a problem training

  6. Princemanagement Says:

    Yeah i know Cane corso, they’re beautiful dogs, very loyal and there a bit more manageable because of their slightly smaller size.
    Kajdia0 … you seem very interested in dogs??

  7. kajdia0 Says:

    Do you know cane corso????? I think that is the best dog (For me)

  8. Princemanagement Says:

    Its a Perro De Presa Canario. The best dog in the world. My pride & Joy. Check out the other vids.

  9. kajdia0 Says:

    is this a bull boxer?

  10. Princemanagement Says:

    he’s my lil baby boy innit


    das jokes lol