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November 29th, 2010 by admin in Videos

pups eating first carcas

11 Responses to “Pups”

  1. catchfree84 Says:

    i want all of them

  2. clank17 Says:

    deafness is too a problem with the breed.

  3. nikotin145 Says:

    ne yiyola onlar..:D:D

  4. BailyCarpeDiem Says:

    There is not such thing as a black Dogo.
    That pup is a Presa Canario x Dogo.

  5. estivk Says:

    hallo, is this a black dogo-puppy?
    i´m searching for some pics or videos a long time ago.

  6. jessthark Says:

    ben je een fokker?ik krijg 2 pups van La Cocha.sinds ik zag dat op de vids zijn honden waren enof zijn.

  7. tvlefox Says:


  8. patsen06 Says:

    Amazing pupps. Nice.

  9. BailyCarpeDiem Says:

    Ted the brindle one is a Dogo Argentino Presa Canario cross.
    Skin problem and deafness is not a big problem in the breed.

  10. Gibsylou Says:

    nice puppys!!!!;)

  11. TedH71 Says:

    What’s the brindle dog? A dogo? Quite interesting color. That would help cut down on skin problems and deafness.