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August 13th, 2010 by admin in Videos



  1. lilsaint6534 Says:

    whrs dat in south park? hw old is he , my presa is 3 motnhs but he is an agressive dick lol ur one is nice tho.

  2. chelzeagirl Says:

    ahh bless him lol nice dog xx bet he’s alot bigger now tho, ;-)

  3. lilsaint6534 Says:

    cool vid man, im 4m east london n im looking 4 a presa aswell :)

  4. superdupersonic Says:

    Cabeza Grande & Red Star are my favorite. Check em out too.

  5. Princemanagement Says:

    cheers mate. his father was from mastini of el curto blood line and his mother a direct spanish import.

    im actuli after a cane corso myself aswell now

  6. invisiblebarriers Says:

    beautiful dog boys! owner must be proud of that gorgeous dog.

    princemanagment u lot sound like your from london??? where did you get him from?

    i got a rott and a cane cors, want a presa aswel!

  7. TeaserD Says:

    av u got any recent video’s of him mate?

  8. Z06Lingenfelter Says:

    Cute? Wait till he grows up:)))

  9. DATyemenigyal Says:


    blesss im scared ov dogz but dis 1nz cute!


  10. bradthepit Says:

    For the people who want a good Presa, try either Top Drive Kennels UK (Barnican Bull lines) or T-Rogue Kennels UK (Curto lines) I have a 16 week old bitch, Barnican Bull lines.

  11. mohimakthar Says:

    bless hez so cute

  12. malasombraka Says:

    If It will be your first dog let it know that you are the boss since the first moment and it will be a nice nice dog.(if you want a pure bred Presa Canario,also called Dogo Canario, you should come to Spain)

  13. malasombraka Says:

    If you have a Presa you must let it know that you are the boss since the first day, because it is a powerful dog and you should keep it busy too.You mus socialize it too because if it is agressive is a real danger.(If you want a pure bred Presa you should come to Spain)

  14. Driverww Says:

    princemanagement I want one for my self how do I get hold of one and how much will it cost me please let me know thanks damn good dog need to have one- p.s it’ll be my first dog any adv on that, Driver

  15. DoDo1907 Says:

    hahahahah nice video:D:D:D:D

  16. Princemanagement Says:

    i got Rambo from an imported litter.

  17. Princemanagement Says:

    this dog is full pedigree from champion bloodlines.
    it is hard to find a ‘true’ presa canario in the u.k.
    however there are a minority of dedicated breeders.
    make sure any presa puppy you buy comes with papers & pedigree. unfortunatley there are many back alley breeders claiming to have presa puppys but the bloodlines may have been tamperd with along the way somehow.

  18. nuttall2007 Says:

    is this dog a pedigree, can you get pedigree canario’s. how available are they in england, someone please reply because this dog is so beatifull.

  19. Belulah202 Says:

    too funny

  20. aanand27 Says:

    That was so funny!!! Hope the pup is not scarred for life and terrified of water :-)

  21. popedarren Says:

    That dog is ****ing awesome. So beautiful. And really calm for a 10 month old.

  22. Princemanagement Says:

    lol, yeah … cos he was the youngest he was always a big baby … so it was no surprise. but when its time to work … hes an unstoppable freight train.

  23. stuntmasta3o5 Says:

    LOL the dog fell in..

  24. Princemanagement Says:

    but a good guard dog when he needed to be

  25. 1venom4ever Says:

    lol, i knw man.

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