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Razor (the littlest hobo) Presa Canario

December 26th, 2011 by admin in Videos

25 Responses to “Razor (the littlest hobo) Presa Canario”

  1. dogoavalon Says:

    very nice

  2. raneve23 Says:

    Great what’s the weight on him?

  3. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @raneve23 Bad Maash kennels just north of Toronto but Razor was part of the last litter they produced.

  4. raneve23 Says:

    We’re did you get your presa from

  5. tracedotz Says:

    beautiful dog, his face looks like my dog but its a different breed . check out my video

  6. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Did you read what I posted, you fucking punk??? I said that your dog just killed a 4 year old boy in Brooklyn ( Brownsville ) N.Y. I hope your scum-boy is next!! You’re a bastard, who needs his head kicked in. I hope your kid gets it. I want to read on here how your ugly kid got mauled, you fucking faggot.

  7. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 Ya they might be ugly and scary to a man who’s been sexually abused by every member of his own family growing up, stop living your life as a scared little bitch and be a man.

  8. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa I just read tonight where a 4 year old boy got killed by a big dog like yours in NY. The dog even went after the owner. You people just don’t want to admit that these are ugly, scary, dangerous dogs. You always try to rationalize your ownership. They have to pass laws against these fucking dogs, because people like you will never give them up willingly. Your son will be next!!!!

  9. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Is that you in the vid? Why are you covering your face up, are you afraid some kid will recognize you as their molester?? Talk about small frames, you look like Pee-Wee Hermann in a parka. Two to the body, one to the head. Your ugly mutt’s guts will be hanging from their stomachs!! HA!HA!HAH!HAHA!

  10. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @hammer555551 Your puny little feminine frame couldn’t handle a bow and arrow let alone a shotgun, go back to watching kiddie porn and playing video games online trying to lure kids in to your sick house of perversion.

  11. hammer555551 Says:

    @RazorRedPresa Here’s a compliment…. I bet it will take two rounds of 3 1/2 ” Magnum buckshot to rip the guts out of those dogs. How’s that for a compliment????

  12. hammer555551 Says:

    @alejonsu I’m not sure what you mean, but anyway I stand by my conviction that those type of dogs are owned by people who are trying to show that they are bad-ass. Those two bastard lawyers that owned the 2 presas that killed that girl In San Francisco were two mother-fucking punks. The guy’s name was Noel, I can’t remember the ugly bitche’s name. They both needed their heads caved-in, especially the guy. Ugly dogs, no normal person would want one. They are ugly bastard dogs.

  13. alejonsu Says:

    @hammer555551. We see the world how we are, not how it actually is.

  14. hammer555551 Says:

    I hope some coyote hunter shoots thos dogs. No need for those kind of dogs. Nothing but punks own them.

  15. walltowalllasvegas Says:

    and everybody say’s Presa’s are bad….look at these beautiful awesome dog’s…

  16. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @EmoBabe2234 Thanks a lot, my son always gets a big smile on his face when we get compliments about Razor, Thanks again!

  17. EmoBabe2234 Says:

    iv been watchin ur vids of him since he was a pup. now hes a beauuuutiful presa!

  18. TheAnimalDen Says:

    thats a nice looking animal ya got there ~my sister had one years ago,he wasn’t as stocky as urs he was more lean head was big to ears were cropped short.

  19. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @Nekrophilism I got him from a breeder in brampton just north of Toronto in Canada.

  20. Nekrophilism Says:

    hey thats a beautiful dog! where did you get it? and how much? i really want one that looks just like him!! thanks

  21. PhilipLismore Says:

    Two great looking dogs.

  22. strawwoodclaw Says:

    @RazorRedPresa I was singing cropped eared blues yrs ago : )
    Is that American Bull Dog yours ? He?she is a beautiful looking dog. I have two American Bulldogs father & daughter.

  23. RazorRedPresa Says:

    @strawwoodclaw thanks, although you are only the second person that didn’t like his ears. I as well as hundreds of others believe they were done perfectly and think they look great. Hey there’s an idea for a blues song “I got the cropped ear blues” sing it strawwood! The proof is here on youtube so don’t try to fuck me over on the royalties.

  24. strawwoodclaw Says:

    nice dog its a shame somebody has made a mess of his ears, love the AMerican bull too

  25. luishvac Says:

    beautiful dogs