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Real Deal Bully Kutta Part 4

November 29th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Bully Kutta’s Ace and Zena at 9months.

4 Responses to “Real Deal Bully Kutta Part 4”

  1. TheNomadintime Says:

    nice looking dogs, well worth the effort yoru putting into them. thnx for sharing video.

  2. jinxUKBK Says:

    nice big heads and good bone…….good luck wid hem……keep them very lean at the moment they are stiill too young to take stress on their there growing bones

  3. supastauk Says:

    what can i say bro im lost for words thats all i can say respek

  4. rafankhan1 Says:

    How did you get them into the country?

    What papers??