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Red Star JUDO

October 17th, 2010 by admin in Videos

obedience and bitework

12 Responses to “Red Star JUDO”

  1. superdupersonic Says:

    @TheMogjo Not mine haha

  2. TheMogjo Says:

    @odDymarkow very good owner!!!

  3. TheMogjo Says:

    @superdupersonic any dog can do this if you put in the work

  4. Don612Juan Says:

    Irena is great, definitely check out red star kennels

  5. marifroggy Says:

    Somebody’s a follwerer of Ivan Balavanoff… Great job with this boy. He has some nice drive.

  6. superdupersonic Says:

    I wish my dog sat that quickly!

  7. redstarpresa Says:


  8. mhrreplicacarbon Says:

    Lol, when she praises him by tapping his side it sounds like she hits a bucket of bricks. Great dog!

  9. placidotrato Says:

    one of the best presas i have ever seen

  10. superdupersonic Says:

    Simply amazing in every way!!

  11. odDymarkow Says:

    And very smart dog.

  12. omarnapole Says:

    nice dog .