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Red Star Mal De Ojo house play.wmv

November 21st, 2010 by admin in Videos

Presa Canario pup from Red Star Kennel at 7 months old.

9 Responses to “Red Star Mal De Ojo house play.wmv”

  1. beantownbulldogs Says:

    He had very good guarding instinct and at the same time is social and excepting of friendly strangers. To achieve this required a lot of training and socializing as a pup. Great breed for the experienced dog person. Red Star is the best, hands down.

  2. yabodmon Says:

    @beantownbulldogs very nice dog, how are his gaurding skills ? is he naturally protective? looking to buy one in the future and i like what red star has goin on.

    very nice dog. u should post more vids.

  3. beantownbulldogs Says:

    His sire is Red Star Judo and dam Red Star Ria. He is a working line Presa. Very Diff from show line and certainly not for everyone. This dog is always thinking, moving and working. Very athletic for a Presa…

  4. beantownbulldogs Says:

    Yeah, I keep him trim. He’s actually good size though. He is now 11 months and weighs 106lbs.

  5. yabodmon Says:

    who is the sire and dam please?

  6. yabodmon Says:

    hes small for 7 months holy .. great dog though.

  7. PIT108 Says:

    It looks like my dog ,so much!!!they are almost the same,amazing .

  8. hbalowaa Says:

    WOW This dog is stunning! :)

  9. primolilla Says:

    Great looking boy.