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Red Star Presa Canario puppies

August 28th, 2011 by admin in Videos

4 puppies out of our Thor/Belka breeding at 5 weeks 2 days old 1 male pup out of Judo/Ria breeding at 6 weeks.

20 Responses to “Red Star Presa Canario puppies”

  1. FluteRockstar95 Says:

    i screamed :’)

  2. 528821 Says:

    I want one of these dogs sooo bad!! too bad we already have 4 dogs and 6 puppies of our own.

  3. HydrantOne3 Says:

    where can i get one? i keep coming up empty one my search! help me ! lol

  4. 85daisymae Says:


  5. 85daisymae Says:

    @hellbent130 show stoppers arent good. Please do your research

  6. pinkemerald1970 Says:


  7. L281173 Says:

    I didn’t know that Presa Canarios came in lighter color. This litter is adorable.

  8. lolcomedy101 Says:

    hahah so cute

  9. hellbent130 Says:

    I need one of those dogs they look nice. show stoppers good too.

  10. hellbent130 Says:

    I need one of those dogs they look nice.

  11. canariocz Says:

    Beautiful :-)) very good work !

  12. primolilla Says:

    @LikDatLollipop They are in Hudson Wisconsin. They have a web page.

  13. LikDatLollipop Says:

    Redstar were are u stationed

  14. DEDEPLDEDE Says:


  15. 1984mulattogirl Says:

    there so cuteeee

  16. waitandbleed17 Says:

    beautiful dogs. I love the fawn one with solid black mask .

  17. GrimJester82 Says:

    Beautiful pup.I’m very keen on getting a Presa as a part of my family,as I have experience with dominate breeds.Red Star looks to be the best breeder out there.

  18. lmno456 Says:

    It’s very helpful to see how you socialize the pups and get them use to noises and handling. I’ve been trying to train my Min Pin, and she could benefit from the same training. Makes me want a Presa as well. Thanks.

  19. primolilla Says:

    The fawn brindle in the video is a male. He’s taken. All of them in the video are now.

  20. BennyGTV Says:

    ever get any of the fawn brindle males?