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Russells Kennels Presa Canario’s

May 18th, 2012 by admin in Videos

a bit of training

7 Responses to “Russells Kennels Presa Canario’s”

  1. wehttamak Says:

    if u choose to doc a tail for what ever reason it doesnt make it any less of a presa than one with a tail personally i wouldnt doc a presa’s tail ill cut his ears but people have different taste. u kno i hear this argument if u have a presa with 50 % white does it make it any less of a presa than its litter mates that are full brindle?

  2. wehttamak Says:

    ive seen some great presas that lack mask and there peds run very deep the presa has a long history at first the standard was 30% white then there was also black dogs which the fci removed etc but i get everything else ure saying and agree

  3. raneve23 Says:

    this is from ukc website moron READ!!! Disqualifications

    Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid. Viciousness or extreme shyness. Overshot bite. Blue, gray, or yellow eyes. Non-matching eyes. Croup lower than withers. Docked tail. Absence of dark mask. White markings covering more than 20% of the dog. Coat color or pattern other than described in “Color” paragraph above. Albinism

  4. raneve23 Says:

    Well it comes down to this it’s your dog and you do what u want with it but a real Presa Canario you don’t dock the tail, ear yes tail no!!!

  5. raneve23 Says:

    How do u say they are Presa when they don’t even have a tail

  6. raneve23 Says:

    That’s not a Presa

  7. bestwoodozzy Says:

    how muck for a pup