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she do what she want 2 do

September 16th, 2010 by admin in Videos

my beautiful 15 week old presa canario.

5 Responses to “she do what she want 2 do”

  1. mrbrunston Says:

    You just need to step up on the training skills.

  2. trexmadman Says:

    Like a lot of guarding breeds they can be stubborn which means you need to be more vigilant,constant and firm with your training.
    My method is the dog is given the command once, if it does not comply ( after being shown what is being asked of it ) it gets a correction. If it does as asked it gets a treat/good boy or girl or pat and eventually nothing. You don’t need to be cruel just firm and consistent. Good luck!

  3. stuntmasta305 Says:

    I <3 m y presa.

  4. lisa7scorpio Says:

    Your pup is lovely & looks big for her age. Mines is 4 months & only listens sometimes too. The best all round dogs in the world.

  5. canariogirl2255 Says:

    I just started looking at this site nice presa just keep working with her they do have a mind of their own but very smart I know mine is