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November 5th, 2010 by admin in Videos

My dog, barking for the camera

25 Responses to “Smokey”

  1. 182popeye Says:

    whoa lol that is hell of a beautiul dog, ice bark aswell, looks more of a presa than a pitt 2 me . loved the colour aswell

  2. brian325isport Says:

    savage lookin dog!

  3. keane88 Says:

    Awesome banndogge!

  4. TheMightykaz Says:

    HOLY SHIT! Well you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your house that’s for sure!

  5. Boutit5150 Says:

    wow…now that is the fuckin shit…is the pit/ presa crossbreed as smart and well tempered as the pure breed presa or pit (they are both smart and well tempered breeds) ?

  6. MrScrabs Says:

    Both. Pitbull mom, presa dad.

  7. Boutit5150 Says:

    I can’t it a pitbull or presa?

  8. mick3ym0ral3s Says:

    my worst nightmare lol.

  9. preliudas Says:

    can i have him ?:)

  10. presaceo Says:

    Presa’s mouth only get watery when theyre about to eat and get real sloppy while theyre eating. If it has the height and looks and characteristics of a Presa then its a Presa…people kill me with the standards rules of what a dog should be. All that shit went out the door when they started making yorkiepoos and labapoo’s and all kinds of mutts and selling them for the same amount as a pure bred dog. It’s all a stupid ass game. If your dog is healthy and lookin good with good temperment its str8

  11. sbortiz Says:

    Love Presas! Beautiful dog!

  12. wolfpacguy Says:

    ummmm a veterinarian maybe?

  13. fstwrtr Says:

    his tail is wagging…does that mean he knows the camera is on and he is happy?

  14. BrickLaneBetty Says:

    I hope he’s fixed!

  15. presapuppies4sale Says:

    looks just like my Presa from showstoppers off G’kar (whoever breed this dog must have used one of his offspring) cool dog !!!1 how much does he weigh

  16. cosmicGOON Says:


  17. wagull Says:

    I’ve never heard that or seen that before. But it might be true since “verdinos” does mean “green”. At any rate, your dog doesn’t look to be a true presa. He has a dry mouth (not a presa trait at all). His skin is too tight (not a presa trait at all). He has white- tipped toes (not a true presa trait). His pedigree has to have a mix somewhere close to him. He looks half (or at least part) APBT. I have an APBT presa mix (half each) that looks more presa than yours. Yours is handsome though.

  18. 121jbone121 Says:

    where can you get there ears cliped? nice looking dog tho.

  19. pitbullsown789 Says:

    gangster dog dude!

  20. KiTcHeNwItCh76 Says:

    Beautiful dog!:)

  21. stuntmasta305 Says:

    I have a presa myself, sounds just like yours :)

  22. johnlinklater Says:

    yes its just a greenish coat on their backs, as like a silverback gorilla. yes all presas have them or i could tell you that a havent seen any dogs even the ones that are all the same color without them. anyway as i have only seen this dog in spanish farms i can not tell you what the AKC classes them ass. but alot off dem look like they are crossed by breeders

  23. MrScrabs Says:

    “yes i know you get black ones, they are called verdinos wich in spanish means ‘greeny’ as they have greenish grey spots on the back, some have darker spots than others but all have the spots on if they are real presa”

  24. johnlinklater Says:

    to be honest can rfemeber what is said as it dont show up on comments any more, but i seem to think it was smthing about green coats?

  25. MrScrabs Says:

    Test you? You said that unless they have spots, they’re not Presas. How do you figure?