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Get the Presa Canario Breed if you need a Faithful Friend

May 30th, 2010 by admin in Articles

Presa canario breed belongs to working group of dogs, and it is also known as a protector and guardian breed. This breed is gentle and extremely loyal to the families, but distrustful to strangers and keeps a careful eye on potential danger. They are protective, and have natural instinct for guarding. Any kind of special training is not necessary for guarding this breed. This highly intelligent canine is generally calm and quiet, and moves slowly. But, when called for action, the presa with its muscular body can be deceptively active and fast.

Presa canario dogs are members of the mastiff group. They are fearless, confident and the breed is huge and strong with a deep chest and a broad head these breeds are also very strong. A variety of colors live in the traditional patterns of fawn and brindle, often with white markings. The brindle or tiger-striped pattern comes in variations of brown, black and most exotic, reverse brindle. Now most of the people know that presa canario puppies are one of the best pets for families with children because they are so attentive of the ones that they know and love. Once this breed has been socialized and trained, this becomes the exception instead of the rule. Many presa canario share their homes with birds, cats, dogs, horses, reptiles and other animals.

When you are alone at home with your dog, while working on your computer or watching TV, you can feel safe and secure knowing that this large, muscular beauty, will give his life in order to save yours. It’s courage and genuine beauty is incomparable with any other breed. This is an extraordinary dog and when properly socialized and trained, there is no better dog this. Presa canario can now participate in so many events, which include agility trials, weight pulls, and personal protection events. The presa canario with his great appearance and guarding abilities is gaining popularity that makes him the best breed as compare to others.

Now Presa canario puppy is very much popular among children. The body of this breed is slightly longer than its height at the withers, with a broad, deep chest. But females may be slightly longer and possess somewhat less rib spring than the males. The name of the breed is Spanish, means “Canarian catches dog,” and is often shortened to “Presa Canario”. It has a powerful, square head that is nearly as wide as it is long. The muzzle is broad. The rump is slightly raised. This breed has thick skin, dense bones and powerful muscles. That is why people like to own these kinds of breeds.