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More Than A Dog, A Presa Canario Is A Fighter

May 30th, 2010 by admin in Articles

Pets in the house are an integral part of the family. The love and affection that fills your house not only fills the life of your kids and family but also sows the seeds of the behavioral pattern of your pets. The animal instincts in your dogs and cats or any other pet animal slowly and steadily mould towards the humanly instincts that they see and feel everyday in their routine behavior.

The hectic and monotonous schedules of life where the growing levels of frustration, competition keep knocking your door at every odd hour results in more arrogance, varying behavioral patterns like mood swings etc, and distance an individual away from his near and dear ones. The environment of your house can work wonders on your family members when they find themselves stuck in the growing pangs of life. The calmness and serenity of your relationships can easily percolate in their lives and make them happier and peace at heart.

The dog in your house not only gives you a sense of safety and security but apart from that also helps in creating an environment of love and affection. The habits of your dog which includes his eating habits where he nibbles almost all the stuff he can lay his nose on, the sleeping habits which can be broken in a wink of an eye even at the dropping of a pin etc. inculcates many feeling in you.

A dog is considered to be the most faithful of all pets and also the most loveable. As soon as the dog enters your house the kids even the elders start connecting to it. They may try to illustrate that a dog is such a problem but internally the levels of love and care keep on increasing in their depths.

If you are looking for specie of dog: big size, strength, severe temper and barking which freezes the hearts then Presa Canario dogs are the right choice. These dogs have a long history which date back to the roman civilization. In those days these dogs not only served for guard and cattle herding, but also had brilliant features for the participation in dogfights such as quickness and adroitness, fearlessness in fight, great physical strength and incredible persistence.

You can start with a presa canario puppy that will bring the bonds of love and safety in your house and serve you well. A dog in your house is sure to bring great surprises for you especially when it’s a presa canario!!!!!!