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Five Dog Deal With Distractions For Higher Power Breeds

May 30th, 2010 by admin in Articles

Anyone who has ever owned a high energy breed dog knows the challenge that can come with keeping their canine busy and out of trouble. While it is important to note that daily exercise is a must, you can utilize treats to keep your pet preoccupied for short periods of time. These are great for helping your dog’s behavior when visitors arrive or when you cannot be on the floor playing with him or her. Make life easier by keeping one or two of the following treats on hand at all times!

Dog Treat Distraction #1: Pet Time Premium Pressed Dog Bones

Pet Time makes a collection of pressed dog bones that can work wonders for keeping your Presa Canario busy. Unlike thin rawhides such as pig ears, these offer far more layers-worth of gnawing and chewing. They come in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes so you can find the right bone for your pet.

Dog Treat Distraction #2: Bully Sticks and other Shapes

Bully sticks offer your pet an alternative to the pressed dog bone. These come in many shapes, from standard knotted end bones to stick and braided ring treats. No matter which shape your pet prefers, the bully dog bone provides a looser chewing surface for your pet. Remember to choose a bully product that offers multiple pieces to guarantee a longer “distraction” time.

Dog Treat Distraction #3: Stuffed Bone Treats

Many manufacturers make dog treats that feature a harder, edible outer layer with a softer, meaty center. These stuffed dog bones offer an enticing option for your pet. Keep their minds working as they figure out how to access the flavorful center while focusing energy on gnawing through the textured outer layer.

Dog Treat Distraction #4: N-Bone Chicken Chew

N-Bone offers a flavorful chicken chew bone for dogs. The “original chew” dog treat is also designed to help remove plaque build up on your pet’s teeth and gums. The thick design of the N-Bone also makes it a wonderful choice for keeping your pet busy. The best part is that while your canine is calmly chewing, he or she will also be taking care of tartar build up.

Dog Treat Distraction #5: Triple Crown’s Everlasting Treats

Everlasting Treats come in a number of delicious flavors for your pet. They are specifically designed to last a long time. Each large size treat measures 4 inches and is recommended for pets over 45 pounds. Although they should be given in moderation, Triple Crown has come up with an easy fix for a busy canine.

Before you Use Distracting Dog Treats

There are a few safety and health tips all pet owners should be aware of before giving their pet dog treats as a distraction. First, your pet should not be left unattended while chewing. It is not advisable to give your pet dog treats while you are away. Instead, look for durable toys that won’t break apart or splinter. Also remember that these treats are best given in moderation, so save them for times when you need your high energy dog calm and quiet. Smaller dog biscuits are available as an “anytime” snack, plus they tend to cost less when given regularly.