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things im scade of

November 19th, 2010 by admin in Videos

aite i was gonna hold dis till helloween but wat da hell eh ? lugh if u want LOL samsqutch blullfrog bugs presa canario snakes cat;pillers an all dat scarty shit

11 Responses to “things im scade of”

  1. rufflesworld Says:

    only thing i’m scared of, is losing my best friends.

  2. boonkdog13 Says:

    nope but ur a dead beat lmao!

  3. 1488NAZIKILLERS Says:

    lol ur a rugmuncher?

  4. boonkdog13 Says:

    a cricket is rach’s worse enemie LOL

  5. endisnear13 Says:

    Em, i will protect you.
    i will eat the fuck out of that LOBSTER!
    xo~~~to you.

    some of that stuff WAS scary lookin’ !

  6. demenz613 Says:

    hi EMILY !!
    you scared of a cricket?
    come on…..
    armadillos are friendly. they live in texas.

  7. animalCOP76 Says:

    nice job em!! i was scarde of many of those things to lol and who ever.ilovemypitbulls2 is they need to grow some balls LOL

  8. boonkdog13 Says:

    nope im sure any woman would rather be 1 then be wit a douch leik u haha


    OMG ur a LESBO??????????????????????????

  10. boonkdog13 Says:


  11. wyliesnyder Says:

    Great Halloween Vid!! I would be more afraid of the Tarantula than the Grizzly. I have seen Grizzlies up close.

    5 stars!