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Three Frenchies and a Boston… and a Presa Canario Part 3

June 1st, 2010 by admin in Videos

A video showing how great it is to have pets in your life!

9 Responses to “Three Frenchies and a Boston… and a Presa Canario Part 3”

  1. hotj2006 Says:

    reminds me of when i had my pit (unfortuanatly passed) & chiguaguas had a puppy (just one). the contrast between large & small dogs playing together is so funny & cute. they look so happy too.

  2. pacodog01 Says:

    beautiful dogs and family. I have 2 bostons and 2 chi but would love a frenchy

  3. bulldogsnd Says:

    Obviously our pets are a major part of our life, and watching them play and playing with them is about the best way to relax and kick back after a hard days work. Nobody else is as glad to see you day in and day out as your pets!

  4. dlbruning Says:

    SweetSweetSweet! I can feel the love:) I’m in a Frenchie and Boston Terrier meetup group in Fl and love to watch them play. Thanks for sharing.

  5. crazy4angie Says:

    this is so cute.. i wish a had a lil French bulldog..

  6. yepooda Says:

    lol…I file my frenchie’s nails too. He usually falls asleep while I do it.

  7. sxytherpst Says:

    French bulldogs and a presa canario, that is a neat combination. How do they get along?

  8. maltese4 Says:

    Wow that presa canario is gorgeous, and wears sunglasses!

  9. RIOB24 Says:

    What a CUTIE!!!

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