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Ulfo and Anibal, June 7th 2007

October 31st, 2010 by admin in Videos

Ulfo the 1 year old Tosa and Anibal the 7 years old Presa. Ulfo was being examinated by an homeopatic vet. He prescribed calcium to help his joints because he growed up so fast.

10 Responses to “Ulfo and Anibal, June 7th 2007”

  1. miss6063 Says:

    Very nice boy you have there.What’s Ulfo’s pedigree?

  2. osiris3yhn Says:

    me cago en el ohido del inu

  3. smatkovic Says:


  4. smatkovic Says:

    No. it was a knee problem finally.

  5. smatkovic Says:

    Thanks my friend

  6. 1BozKennel Says:

    Monster Anibal :)) Great Presa. And Ulfo is very nice too.Greetings.

  7. deki05 Says:

    HD Problems

  8. tosainu Says:

    lemme see more man!!
    and send that hd doktor to me hehe

  9. Wuzuphappy Says:

    Yeah he is, you can still see the pup in him though.

  10. cillyalbum Says:

    Ulfo is great…