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Unexpected Visitor

October 24th, 2010 by admin in Videos

A well-trained guard dog detects and defends its owner from an unexpected threat.

21 Responses to “Unexpected Visitor”

  1. TheProdigySupreme Says:

    Thug’s gun got jammed…daaaaaaaaaamn:)

  2. nagacanario Says:

    @vinnrhon you are so correct!! i’ve got a grandson of ivan de canmuc from noah plus 2 other presas. please break in!!! make sure your will is in order first because that will be all she wrote i promise you!!

  3. SuperDavinci1 Says:

    that’s more like it… a recall command, and a dog who listens. much better than the other vid I saw….

  4. laz4jazz28 Says:

    hahaha.. untrained presa will maul that crook. it would be hopeless for him. that’s why they are the guardan breed..

  5. Mr291229 Says:

    @crazy4honda these are some powerful dogs, but in the long run can shoot before the dogs grabs your arm then u have a chance but to wait until the bit your arm is very difficult to shoot the dog unless u can handle the pain and then your fine.

  6. SonnyD414 Says:

    @DanielaMiller109 Presa Canario is extremely well

  7. moacirusa Says:

    why you dont try the “brazilian mastiff” or “fila brasileiro”.

  8. vinnrhon Says:

    jrd…you are absolutely right. Ive got 2 rotts but just bought a Presa from Sanders Kennels. His dogs are amazing! Anton will be participating in the personal protection training Noah offers at his kennels.

    The extra few seconds my family will have if someone tries to get in our home while we are here, especially if we are asleep may mean the difference between life and death.

    It makes me laugh when people think its so easy to fight off a dog:)

    Take care

  9. jrd5853 Says:

    Vin I stand behind you there! I had a “freak of nature” Bullmastiff and it was rediculous of his sheer power. Alarm systems (as your friend/cop) could tell you have a huge gap in safety unless you are home…My point is say the window breaks then a time delay then security company calls the residence….no answer…time delay ….company may try try to call again…time delay ….then company calls pd …time delay… dispatch time..time delay…. then IF the officer is not busy.then arrival

  10. vinnrhon Says:

    JRD…You are right. But only if the caliber is large enough. A good friend is a cop and was attacked by a shephard. He put a 40 caliber round into the dogs rib cage, point blank, and the dog was fine!

  11. crazy4honda Says:

    Why didn’t the intruder just use his pistol? The dog would have been useless if I had a weapon.

  12. superdupersonic Says:

    Haa…. the reason it is a hidden sleeve is because it looks like it’s not there.

  13. sedod66 Says:

    fuck sake, i was hoping this was a porno…

    not the gay/beastiality kind tho!! haha

  14. flyfishhunterga Says:

    your obviously an idiot

  15. DanielaMiller109 Says:

    Wow this is anazing!
    I want to have guard dogs as well… I havn’t decided yet witch breed but this one is good! I like Pitties cause they’re fast and strong.

  16. jrd5853 Says:

    adt thousands of dollars and monthly fee….the above,,,one time fee………it is atleast a 3 bullet dog..

  17. saatty1 Says:

    I wanna see Bugsy bite without the hidden sleeve. Bet you he won’t do it

  18. unigamehead Says:

    most people are not quick and accurate enough to take the dog down before the dog can set the bite. Which is one of the reasons that attack dogs are in employment by military and paramilitary org.

  19. vroobles Says:

    it is amazing but surely he would have shot the dog no?

  20. KIWINZ09 Says:

    Thats amazing, how the dog responed so well!! How much training does it take to get a dog that good? once again that was awsome!! people should pay attention to these dogs positive side more often instead of thinking they’re bad. Good work.

  21. xpresa Says:

    Wow nice video :)
    You 2 have talents as actors and the dog is well trained ;) Keep on the god work Noah :)