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Verry Nice Typ, Presa Dogo Canario Playing

August 15th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Mother and son playing. Elly (Import de la Arena and her young son Oso de la Arena (Pancho)

19 Responses to “Verry Nice Typ, Presa Dogo Canario Playing”

  1. MrMoney2blo Says:

    Very nice dogs….

  2. bushed06 Says:

    my dogs play like tha

  3. MRGDLP1983 Says:

    Them DOG’z R Nice..!!!

  4. PhilipLismore Says:

    Nice dogs. Very strong.

  5. DelaArena Says:

    De la Arena

  6. Cjayjonez Says:

    presas rock

  7. Cocotaso1983 Says:

    Love Love Love Pressas!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. mgbrawl Says:

    p.s. unfortunitly presa’s are gaining massive popularity amoung scum in the uk, and will probebly be added to the list soon.

  9. mgbrawl Says:

    yeh i think its stupid. if their going to ban those 4, their are plenty of other breeds to ban (i personally dont believe in banning breeds), presa’s/dogo’s arnt the same, but were bred for simiar purposes. for me the problem isnt the dog, its that the ‘pitbull’ etc image appeals to scumbags.

  10. popedarren Says:

    Is that strange? Aren’t Argentinos just the white version of Presas?

  11. mgbrawl Says:

    presa’s are not banned in uk. there are 3 totally banned breeds; tosa inu, fila, dogo argintino. pitbulls are ok if chipped, neutered and proven in court not to be dangerous…

  12. kainsj Says:

    they seens like pretty good guard dogs… i wish to have one

  13. thedaveownsall Says:

    I’ll be damned if I ever own anything other than a presa canario…nothing even comes close to their loyalty, playfulness, or beauty

  14. thedaveownsall Says:

    simply beautiful. my presa named Santo Domingo is a true terror in our neighborhood just outside washingto d.c… he plays with the other dogs, he gives kisses the likes of casanova, and that s.o.b. demands to be walked near his best friend, a great dane.

  15. franklin4405 Says:

    Are they banned !! ?
    my mate had 1 called Rhino. It used to chew barbed wire, proper vicious :|

  16. bertemu Says:

    verry good looking dogs.
    What are there names,line’s ??

  17. ohyouknow111 Says:

    these dogs are amazing i just wish they were`nt banned from the uk

  18. danieldei Says:

    heftige hunde, wie vertragen die sich mit anderen artgenossen? z├╝chtet ihr die?
    echt tolle hunde

  19. kawafanatic Says:

    Very nice dogs!I’d like to get one some day!

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