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Warning To Neighbors: I’m going to get a big dog!

August 11th, 2010 by admin in Videos

el perro de presa-canario, dogo-canario.canary dog,etc. My Dog is a Mail Man’s and Micheal Vick’s worst nightmare. this one here is tearin’ tha bone out of it !

19 Responses to “Warning To Neighbors: I’m going to get a big dog!”

  1. yabodmon Says:

    @i811st to each there own man .. lol sick vid

  2. i811st Says:

    @yabodmon , You’d have to be Skateboarder in 1984 appreciate the song. It’s actually a funny song. Do you have any suggestions? what would be a “better” track?
    .”Crap! I no erase rad, poser.” →……=Perro de presa canario….

  3. yabodmon Says:

    this songs wack lol.. but thats a sick dog thats” tomas de irema curto” that was manuel curtos fav dog, that thing can kill . sick vid shyt song

  4. i811st Says:

    YES! Presa-Canarios are the best! el mejor! Ichiban! Mine looks just like the one in this old clip, probably the best dog I could ever ask for, He listens, he’s not aggressive, never attacked another dog, never ate a child, or mailman. He can sense a cop when one is near and knows how to act when they start creeping, not into attack mode, but he will make himself less conspicuous .lol .

  5. PresaCanariosAreBest Says:

    is every1 leavin stupid commentz fuckin retarded? if u people knew anything about dogz they love to train especially presas! and besides would u rather have your dog attack people when it thinkz it should or when you have trained it to? think about dat befor another 1 of you fuckin faggets start talkin shit about something you dont even know!

  6. RommelGrim Says:

    lol - damn ppl are angry - have a good one !!

  7. i811st Says:

    you should try fucking right off.

  8. Ilionabebe Says:

    Good grief, you obviously have some major insecurities about your masculinity. Dogs should be for companionship and for protection, *NOT* trained to attack.
    You should be seeing a therapist, not trying to make up for your short-comings through training vicious dogs to see unprovoked attacking as acceptable.
    There is nothing wrong with big dogs or with dogs being protective - but this is training them to attack *FOR NOT REASON*, and *WITHOUT USING THEIR OWN GOOD SENSE*.
    You are a disgrace!

  9. i811st Says:

    thanks , first positive comment!

  10. ovcharkasuk Says:

    nice dog :)

  11. i811st Says:

    Liberal bullshit and opinions coming straight out the ass of a shithead who doesnt have a dog, and i know he’s a liberal cause he doesnt own a gun either. really though,get a dog and a couple firearms for yourself . feel the freedom of sleeping with your doors open at night. dont be manipulated by FEAR-(False Evidence Appearing Real)

  12. i811st Says:

    I hope you aren’t inferring that i’m a pussy cause I have a well-trained 105lb Presa Canario. He’s a real dog. what ? do you want a dog that you can’t take out of your backyard? and when you do stop neglecting it .you have to keep it leashed or face lawsuits or manslaughter charges if something happened, Just cause your dogs are wild and unresponsive to your commands, Don’t make them “real”. a pussy let’s his dog control him.

  13. brownmachine6969 Says:

    if all you pussies cant handle a real dog.
    and all you want is a gentle giant , then maybe you should open up a home for the homeless so they can eat all they want and shit all they want, & you can clean up after them too.pussies

  14. i811st Says:

    this video is Not my dog you stupid bitch, my presa is a sweetheart and if he ever attacked a person or dog, i woud hit him with a shovel ! yeah , thats right .a shovel!

  15. misssweetbabylove123 Says:

    like u said he is trained 2 fight thats just sad using a dog as a weapon r u that much of a wimp that u have 2 get ya dog 2 fight 4 u thats just sad

  16. i811st Says:

    what the fuck does ffs stand for ? this presa in this video is trained for fighting. fighting people ! I have a presa and he’s a gentle giant ,he likes all people and fellow dogs.but just dont do anything stupid around my pad cuz he’s a big motherfucker and my little gangsta will fuck you up ,bitch.

  17. misssweetbabylove123 Says:

    r u training that dog 2 fight by any chance ffs

  18. DieSucksTheBigOnes Says:

    such a nice and gentle dog

  19. kmksrh1275 Says:

    im not gonna have a dog for pretection i cant do that i get a dog for a companion not a shield id love my dog to much lol im just gonna get better locks an alarm and a gun and a lover dog not a fighter wich could mean a pitbull its not the breed its the human these guys in the vid look like they can take control of him/her so im not sayin im against it just im not gonna do it lol.

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