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Wild Cat Attacks and almost kills my Presa Canario

July 26th, 2010 by admin in Videos

It was close, this wild cat I found in an abandoned house was captured and later that night almost killed my Presa Canario named Layla. McCain is a cat in disguise that will detroy America, first and probably last he will start war with Iran and we will be wiped off the planet. Please vote responsibly, a vote for Obama is a vote for change and peace in AMERICA. If anyone touches a hair on Obama or his family I will put you in a box 2 feet underground and fill the air space with red ants, oh and then it get worse.

21 Responses to “Wild Cat Attacks and almost kills my Presa Canario”

  1. yabodmon Says:

    @muppetdebs not if the dog grows up with ur kid..there amazing dogs with family ..and it all has to do with how u train them and teach them how to be.

  2. seapeddler Says:

    Call up the Cat Whisperer.

  3. 08skaterdood Says:

    Awesome presa!!

  4. alycia717 Says:

    What a great ambassador! Good for you “Cooger”

  5. Gooeme Says:


  6. muppetdebs Says:

    He loves my little girl and sleep out side her room now, im realy happy with my pup. It was alot of peeps telling me that thay are bad dogs to have round kids thats why i was worried but now i know that are fine to have round kids.

  7. Cooger57 Says:

    Canarios are great dogs, they will protect you if needed and almost human like
    with their senses. Giving a Presa the love they want, they’ll never leave your side
    through life.

  8. wadereed27 Says:

    i might be getting a presa are they good dogs.

  9. muppetdebs Says:

    Ive just getting a presa canario he is a puppy im abit worried as ive got a 5year old little girl the pup is fine with her nd she is fine with him. Ive been told that thay are ok with kids is this true as i dont want any harm to come to my little girl.

  10. toroamstaffs Says:

    jajajajaja genial!!!!!!!!!!

  11. b19dog Says:

    Dude i have a pitbull and a cat!!! Just be careful that the cat doesn’t scratch your puppy. They should be fine together.

  12. edtri19 Says:

    Obama sux

    Just kidding. Love the presa, shows how gentle they can be.

  13. mgbrawl Says:

    thanks very much 4 the reply. Im getting him as a pupy so he should be fine, thanks again :)

  14. Cooger57 Says:

    I was just sitting the kitten until I found him a home, Layla was good with him and it was a hide and seek game with those two. I don’t know about some, but it’s all in the training and character of the Presa, but if you get the Presa early on then it’s mostly on you and your training. Me, I don’t need a fighting dog and that’s why I made her a watch dog, and she will attack if someone screws with me, but I taught her bunnys and cats are to be left alone.

    Take care and good luck


  15. mgbrawl Says:

    Hi, just wondering if they still get on because im getting a presa soon and have 2 cats????

  16. mgbrawl Says:

    yeh i got a human bite a few years and had 2 get needles, and the nurse said the same thing, that HB can be worse than a dog etc. still have teethmarks in my chest! lol


    human bites are actualy the the worst
    u can have.
    if untreated, u could loose an arm, we carry the most bacteria in our mouths.
    out of dogs and cats, then its monkeys, there just the worst of the worst, well unless u get bit by a great white, or a grizzly bear.
    anyway lol at your comment.

  18. kellogscornsnake Says:

    actually cat bites typically leave deep puncture wounds that often get infected. or the presa may have some clotting problem ie it may have eaten warafin. a women down our way was killed by a rat

  19. scott1brayden2 Says:

    stunning presa

  20. pierzedntattooed Says:

    Your joking right? I see nothing but normal behavior with too animals that pretty much just met eachother. Cats often hiss and swipe at the dog until they learn to co-exist. I would be more concerned with the fact that your dog is holding her tail up high and not wagging it.

  21. samspissasucks Says:


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