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Zeus & Rosco playing

November 4th, 2010 by admin in Videos

Zeus, 4 month old Dogo Canario, and Rosco, 1 year 7 month old Dogo Argentino, playing.

15 Responses to “Zeus & Rosco playing”

  1. zuesblueblood Says:

    that dogo looks crossed with american bull to solid and heads to big..i have an excellent exsample of what a true dogo looks like .i have a bitch called zues 4 month old

  2. stonedpimpdaddy Says:

    @blackeye240 The white dog is the dogo argentinio the black dog is the dogo canario and looks nothing like a great dane.

  3. IBsmokin4u Says:

    the black dog is a presa canario, they use the world dogo for both breeds, its Presa De Dogo Canario! where as the other one is Presa De Dogo Argentino, if you look in the discription he clearly states the black one is a canario

  4. bhabjeet Says:

    looks like a pit

  5. Focuso9 Says:

    nice argentino

  6. blackeye240 Says:

    its a good looking dog

  7. ptgzeus Says:

    We used to get comments about him looking like a Great Dane a lot when he was younger.
    Probably because there aren’t many Dogos around here. We get more people that THINK that they know what breed he is (Great Dane, Rottweiler, Boxer, Labrador Retriever, etc etc) than people actually asking about him.

    He got his looks from his momma, who is mostly black, and the personality from his wonderful daddy :)

  8. blackeye240 Says:

    ive never seen a predominantly black dogo before
    looks like a functional version of a great dane

  9. blackeye240 Says:

    what do u call a circumcision?

  10. mahone19788 Says:

    I think the dogs like their ears as they are! People originally cropped the ears on this breed to stop them getting damaged when working around cattle and maybe fighting. Not a problem if its a pet.

    How would you feel if someone knocked you out and when you woke up your ears had been cut off just to make you look better!

    They look lovely with ears they were born with. Nice dogs….

  11. Tarczyn10 Says:


  12. ptgzeus Says:

    Ear cropping isn’t allowed in Sweden.

  13. Tarczyn10 Says:

    this white dog looks bad because his ears arent standing up cut they at a vet

  14. yintyi Says:

    Cute dogs x)

  15. inisdelmar61 Says:

    Not Funny